Welcome to my website, My name is Andrew Shillito, when I was a young lad my Dad bought me a Trix Twin Railway but after a while I moved onto the more exciting activities of control line model aircraft, in those days Radio control was much too expensive. However the frequent crashes irritated me and the call of model railways began to exert itself again. There was still some steam about so I followed this for a while and then came back to railway modelling, however things had moved on and I settled on 3mm in the shape of Triang TT, a decision that I have never regretted, and despite occasional essays into 009 and model boats, plus some 16mm live steam and 7mm trams I still stick to it 50 years later

Joining the 3mm Society was the best thing that I have ever done, I have made many friends and through them learnt a lot about model railways in general and 3mm in particular. Having done 10 years on the committee as Publicity Officer I handed this job onto others to carry on the good work, however 4 Years ago I went back onto the Committee as New products officer